Minimising my life

Minimalism is a hot topic at the moment,  people are looking to reduce stuff and increase enjoyment.  It’s a fantastic idea and one that I’m adopting in my life for a number of reasons.

I’m going to be uploading a few videos and blog post about what I’ve been doing and hows its already started to make a difference to my life.  I started with something easy, books.

You can see my video below about why I’m switching for paper books to kindle books.

Christmas Jumpers

It’s that time of year!

With so many options for Christmas jumpers I thought I’d have a look at a few online and let you know how I feel about them.  Some wonderful and some not so wonderful…

Please use #elfieselfie to show me any pictures you have with the Elfie Selfie jumper!

Making it Festive

Decorating the tree has to be done at just the right time, if I do it too early then I lose my festive feeling and the wait until christmas day seems to go on forever, if I do it too late then I rush it and I’m disappointed with the result. I’d say the only disadvantage to getting a real tree is that you need to get it early in the season – to ensure you get a good one. This means running the risk of early decorating, but if you don’t decorate then it looks sad.


Yesterday was tree decorating day for us, maybe a little earlier than normal (Andrew would have us wait until christmas eve if he got his way)! I wanted to record the decorating so it needed to be done in good light which meant picking a day I was off work, yesterday seemed like a good day!  I’m pleased with our little tree, you can watch me decorate it over on my YouTube channel or down below.

Mega Haul!

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Day three and four of my advent calendar were very exciting, another classic Shea Body Butter and also an eye liner from The Body Shops makeup range.  I’ve never used any of their makeup so I’ll be giving a little review of that soon.

I’ve been collecting together enough stuff for a big haul video which you can see over on my YouTube channel or watch below.  I’ve also been snapping a little on my snapchat so go follow me there! (beccymundy)

Beautiful Advent

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This year I’ve been very lucky, my wonderful hubby bought me The Body Shop Advent Calendar and I’m so excited to find out what’s inside each of the little boxes.  I want to show you what I’m getting each day but I think I’ll collect a few days together and show you a few at a time.

These are my first two products. Day one was a body shimmer from the Seasonal Range, the Frosted Cranberry is amazing, I tested a little patch of my arm to see the shimmer and the fragrance lasted all day and I took full advantage of it. The shimmer is quite understated, which I’m very happy about, I think I’ll be using this for a bit of something special at my Christmas party.

Day two was a classic, Vitamin E Moisture Cream.  Perfect for the cold weather, very hydrating.  I used this around my nose this morning to help repair some dry skin caused by a cold I’m trying to shake off and it worked nicely.

I’ve been avoiding looking at the list on the back so I have no idea what’s coming up!  Can’t wait, its been a long time since I’ve been this excited to open my advent calendar every morning.

I did a little vlog over the weekend when we picked up our Christmas tree, watch it below or head over to my YouTube channel if you want to subscribe!


Homemade Makeup Removal Pads

Since time began (wo)man has been buying little cotton pads to remove make up. Or something like that…


I’m a little fed up of buying cotton pads and balls to take off makeup, it seems like such a waste of money and it’s just one more thing that gets thrown onto a rubbish heap somewhere.  In a video over on my YouTube channel I have reviewed a homemade alternative!