Favourites: July Edition

For my July favourites I want to focus on my favourite household objects.  More specifically my favourite objects in my favourite room.

We have recently moved house and are working our way through the rooms getting them just the way we like them.  The first room was my dressing room / office, I might do a post on that another time.  We are just putting the final touches to the living room, this is the room that’s quickly become my favourite.

We don’t have a TV (we watch a lot of Netflix and DVDs) so we normally just load whatever we want to watch up on a laptop.  Our living room is very minimal and I love that your eye isn’t drawn to a massive black rectangle as soon as you step in.

For our anniversary we bought ourselves a new radio/CD player/Bluetooth speaker system.  We are in love with it, it looks really sleek and a bit retro and is super simple to use and set up.  The sound quality is great and it comes with a whole load of features like an alarm and a sleep timer that we’ve not really looked into yet.

We have a lot of green in our lives. Hubby’s parents recently adopted our cats and since then we have felt a real lack of life in the house – plants are the next best thing to pets I think. They lift your mood and they can be interesting to watch grow and change.  They will fill the four legged gap until we are ready to welcome a new fur baby into our lives.

I’m a knitter, and, as such, I make many many blankets, cushions and sometimes foot stools!  Knitted fabric is a wonderful texture and when it’s a nice colourful pattern it can be a real feature in your room, we have a table/basket (we got ours from IKEA) that holds all our blankets when it’s too hot for them.

Everyone loves a candle, right? I particularly like The White Company for candles. At the moment we have Ocean Tide.

We are planning to add a chair and a coffee table to this room and then it’s done done done!

What’s your favourite room and why? Let me know down below!


What do I keep by my bed?

As I was getting into bed I knocked over a large pile of things, which made me realise quite how much I dump in the floor.

 At the moment I have a stack of magazines, two books, a notebook, my Filofax, a bottle of water and a dachshund soft toy from IKEA (I currently can’t remember what I call it). I also keep my slippers and a hot water bottle close by.

It’s so easy to forget what’s here! I don’t think I’ve even read two of these magazines and one of the books is definitely yet to be started, perhaps I need to invest in a good bedside table so I can store things properly.


I picked up ‘The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying’ from Waterstones a few weeks ago after having heard a few bloggers talk about it.


In general I think of myself as a fairly organised person and I like things to be tidy – note that I didn’t say that things were ever actually tidy.  This book gave me a totally different idea of tidy. The author has invented a fairly extreme method for tidying that involves you taking every item you own in your hands and only keeping those which spark joy.  It sounds like a wonderful idea, I love the idea of only having items which make me truly happy and I can think of so many things that I’d be happy to get rid of and I have! So far I’ve thrown away 4 bags of things I don’t want any more and we have some things to donate too.  It’s very liberating to reduce your belongings and I find it helps me focus on things really care about.

There are some elements of the book which don’t speak to me as much, for example, the author suggests communicating with your belongings: thanking them for all they have done for you.  This isn’t something that I feel I need to do, however I did try to acknowedge every item and made the effort to be aware that even though I didn’t want it any more I was grateful for the item and that getting rid of it doesn’t mean I think it’s useless or worthless.


I strongly agree with her idea that even gifts that were not really wanted have still brought joy, and have still served a purpose. Their purpose was to be gifted, the giver felt the joy of giving. If you receive a gift with a positive outlook and consider the thought that went into the purchasing or making of the gift rather than whether you like it or not the receiver can still benefit from the joy of receiving: of knowing someone cared and was thinking of them.

I don’t think I’ll ever get to a point where I only have items that bring joy or to a point where everything has a definite place, but then I actually enjoy sorting and reorganising. Reducing my stuff has cleared my mind and I find myself spending more time doing the things I love.  The book was a joy to read and it’s something that I will definitely be keeping in my home.