A Rest Day

The past few weeks have been very productive for me, and I’ve been enjoying being busy with work and at home. Sometimes though it’s nice to have a day to sit back and relax a bit.  Today was that day for me.  I’d planned to do quite a lot but after a very relaxed morning watching YouTube and decorating the christmas tree, I just wanted to continue being restful.

I did my first ever Pilates class which I enjoyed and followed it up with 10 minutes swimming and a good hour in the jacuzzi at the gym.

I still have some tasks to get done so I needed to rework my schedule in the afternoon and as long as I use my days well I should get everything done, it’ll be easier after a recharge.

I’ve got a few days of advent calender to show you too!  I’m really loving getting a little beauty item everyday, the size of the products is perfect to try out new things and for those products I already love they are perfect for traveling.

This toner is really nice. Sometimes I find toners to be very drying – I guess I’ve only used ones with alcohol but this one is ‘sans alcool’ and it on its own made my face feel fresh and moist, adding my regular Olay daily moisurising cream has left my skin super moist! (…in a good way).