Favourites September Edition – Summer Memories

This summer brought with it a lot of change and a lot of excitement. Of course my birthday should be the highlight of summer for everyone around me, but this year we had other things to celebrate.

Since I’ve been married I have been sharing my husband with another being.  I think it’s fair to call it a being because it’s taken up so much of his time and energy, has caused us excitements, stresses and disappointments. This summer my husband finished his PhD and is now officially Dr Mundy.  We attended his graduation in Manchester and it felt like some kind of birth/funeral hybrid. 

This trip also brought with it another excitement, driving. Earlier in the year I passed my driving test (second try, all the best drivers pass second time).  We bought an old car from a work friend and the 5 hour drive from Norwich to Derbyshire was the first long drive I made.  I had to do all the driving, it was equal parts exhilarating and terrifying. 

We moved house (again. We have lived in a different house for every year we have been married). Moving brought us closer to our allotment from which we got our first (and last) harvest! We’ll still be eating the potatoes at Christmas.  We also abandoned the idea of an allotment in favour of a container garden.

Plus there was A LOT of great coffees and brunches with Laura from Rose and Weston. More of that in Autumn please!

Favourites: July Edition

For my July favourites I want to focus on my favourite household objects.  More specifically my favourite objects in my favourite room.

We have recently moved house and are working our way through the rooms getting them just the way we like them.  The first room was my dressing room / office, I might do a post on that another time.  We are just putting the final touches to the living room, this is the room that’s quickly become my favourite.

We don’t have a TV (we watch a lot of Netflix and DVDs) so we normally just load whatever we want to watch up on a laptop.  Our living room is very minimal and I love that your eye isn’t drawn to a massive black rectangle as soon as you step in.

For our anniversary we bought ourselves a new radio/CD player/Bluetooth speaker system.  We are in love with it, it looks really sleek and a bit retro and is super simple to use and set up.  The sound quality is great and it comes with a whole load of features like an alarm and a sleep timer that we’ve not really looked into yet.

We have a lot of green in our lives. Hubby’s parents recently adopted our cats and since then we have felt a real lack of life in the house – plants are the next best thing to pets I think. They lift your mood and they can be interesting to watch grow and change.  They will fill the four legged gap until we are ready to welcome a new fur baby into our lives.

I’m a knitter, and, as such, I make many many blankets, cushions and sometimes foot stools!  Knitted fabric is a wonderful texture and when it’s a nice colourful pattern it can be a real feature in your room, we have a table/basket (we got ours from IKEA) that holds all our blankets when it’s too hot for them.

Everyone loves a candle, right? I particularly like The White Company for candles. At the moment we have Ocean Tide.

We are planning to add a chair and a coffee table to this room and then it’s done done done!

What’s your favourite room and why? Let me know down below!


Six books, 3 knitting projects and my laptop.

beachWhat would you take with you if you were going to be away from home for nearly two months? Over the past few weeks I’ve been packing and re packing suitcases and boxes trying to decide what the most important things in my life are.

We are moving house, we’ve done it before but never on this scale and it’s normally been a fairly basic move from one house directly into another. We’ve moved boxes of books and cases of clothes with the help of friends and relatives. This time we are moving across the country, cats and furniture in tow, to a house we applied for without seeing with our own eyes.

In July I applied for a transfer at work. We thought things would take a little time to process, we were right, but then everything seemed to happen at once and they wanted me in a different city asap.  Our house in Derbyshire is preventing us both from moving to Norfolk for a few months so I’m staying with my parents until we are free to move into our new place.

How do you pick what you need to be happy?  Without wanting to sounding too soppy, how can items replace the happiness I gain from simply being with my husband and our pets.  I think I’m going to learn a lot about myself having only the bare minimum of my stuff with me for a while. Already I’ve learnt that I want what I can’t have.  I’ve brought books, knitting and games with me, but of course, I want all the other books, knitting and games that I have back home instead.  I’m trying to think of these weeks as an opportunity to finish the unfinished and I think it will be good for me.

It’s kind of like my ‘Desert Island Stuff’.  Six books, 3 knitting projects and my laptop.