Advent 8th – 14th

Another week of fabulous Body Shop goodies from my advent calendar!

I thought the eyelash curler was an interesting one, it doesn’t really shout Body Shop but it’s still a really good item to get!

I love the little soaps, I’m not normally a soap bar type of person, just because I don’t like how they sometimes don’t dry between uses and can get a little slimy. But these little ones won’t last very long anyway.

I’m hoping to get a few more makeup items in my final 10 days, and I wouldn’t mind getting another item from the festive range, I love the smell of the plum.


A Rest Day

The past few weeks have been very productive for me, and I’ve been enjoying being busy with work and at home. Sometimes though it’s nice to have a day to sit back and relax a bit.  Today was that day for me.  I’d planned to do quite a lot but after a very relaxed morning watching YouTube and decorating the christmas tree, I just wanted to continue being restful.

I did my first ever Pilates class which I enjoyed and followed it up with 10 minutes swimming and a good hour in the jacuzzi at the gym.

I still have some tasks to get done so I needed to rework my schedule in the afternoon and as long as I use my days well I should get everything done, it’ll be easier after a recharge.

I’ve got a few days of advent calender to show you too!  I’m really loving getting a little beauty item everyday, the size of the products is perfect to try out new things and for those products I already love they are perfect for traveling.

This toner is really nice. Sometimes I find toners to be very drying – I guess I’ve only used ones with alcohol but this one is ‘sans alcool’ and it on its own made my face feel fresh and moist, adding my regular Olay daily moisurising cream has left my skin super moist! (…in a good way).

Sick Day Routine

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On Saturday morning I woke up with a full on cold and so I thought I’d share with you my sick day routine.

I generally wrap up in warm PJs and my soft dressing gown and spend a really long time on the sofa with a mug of tea, my phone and a book.

After a while I start to feel really sorry for myself and this is my cue to get dressed.  Getting dressed always makes me feel a little better, but I make sure to stay in warm and comfy clothes so that I can rest and relax.

I’m wearing an old tshirt, some super slouchy pants, my big cardigan and, of course, my bunny slippers.

Makeup isn’t really a priority, but I do want to freshen up and stay moisturised! So I use a very quick exfoliating pad from Boots and put some Olay moisturiser on or if its time to head to bed I’ll put on my Botanics moisturiser.

I keep a couple of lip products close to keep my lips in good shape and I’ve been using my little pot of Body Shop Vitamin E cream around my nose to battle the really dry skin from all the nose blowing I’ve been doing.

Then it’s back to the sofa with more tea and a blanket, I spend the rest of the day watching YouTube, reading and watching TV.


Do you have any sick day tricks to lift your mood and speed recovery?

Mega Haul!

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Day three and four of my advent calendar were very exciting, another classic Shea Body Butter and also an eye liner from The Body Shops makeup range.  I’ve never used any of their makeup so I’ll be giving a little review of that soon.

I’ve been collecting together enough stuff for a big haul video which you can see over on my YouTube channel or watch below.  I’ve also been snapping a little on my snapchat so go follow me there! (beccymundy)

Beautiful Advent

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This year I’ve been very lucky, my wonderful hubby bought me The Body Shop Advent Calendar and I’m so excited to find out what’s inside each of the little boxes.  I want to show you what I’m getting each day but I think I’ll collect a few days together and show you a few at a time.

These are my first two products. Day one was a body shimmer from the Seasonal Range, the Frosted Cranberry is amazing, I tested a little patch of my arm to see the shimmer and the fragrance lasted all day and I took full advantage of it. The shimmer is quite understated, which I’m very happy about, I think I’ll be using this for a bit of something special at my Christmas party.

Day two was a classic, Vitamin E Moisture Cream.  Perfect for the cold weather, very hydrating.  I used this around my nose this morning to help repair some dry skin caused by a cold I’m trying to shake off and it worked nicely.

I’ve been avoiding looking at the list on the back so I have no idea what’s coming up!  Can’t wait, its been a long time since I’ve been this excited to open my advent calendar every morning.

I did a little vlog over the weekend when we picked up our Christmas tree, watch it below or head over to my YouTube channel if you want to subscribe!


Body Shop Haul

I picked up a few really nice poducts in The Body Shop.  The normal price in store for the gift box is £28, I got it in their 40% off sale!  These gift boxes work out as a great way to get a number of items at a lower price. Below are links to all the individual products.

Fuji Green Tea Sower Gel

Fuji Green Tea Body Butter

Fuji Green Tea Body Scrub

Fuji Green Tea Exfoliating Soap

Fuji Green Tea Eau De Cologne

Rainforest Moisture Hair Butter