DIY Bauble

For this craft you’ll need:

  • 1 Bauble
  • Music/text from a book
  • Pva glue
  • Glitter
  • A paintbrush
  • A bowl/plate

The idea is pretty much, cover the bauble in glue, cut up your music/text into smallish pieces, glue them too the bauble (use your fingers if you need to)! Sprinkle with glitter and hang to dry, it’s that simple!

I made a video tutorial if that’s more your thing!

Star Wars (spoiler free)

Very early in the morning, in a cinema in Norwich…

It’s been a dark time for The Franchice. Although the prequels were terrible, another attempt has been made to restore The Franchice to its former glory. Hoping to evade the dreaded CGI overload, a young couple shuffle to their seats in the arthouse Cinema City.

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A Winter Evening

I’d planned to put together a post showing you my winter evening routine, but if I’m honest my routine every evening, pretty much, is to get home from work, get my PJs on and watch DVDs until I fall asleep. But every now and then I treat myself to a little bit of luxury and in the new year I want to make the effort to pamper myself a little more when I get in from work.

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What do I keep by my bed?

As I was getting into bed I knocked over a large pile of things, which made me realise quite how much I dump in the floor.

 At the moment I have a stack of magazines, two books, a notebook, my Filofax, a bottle of water and a dachshund soft toy from IKEA (I currently can’t remember what I call it). I also keep my slippers and a hot water bottle close by.

It’s so easy to forget what’s here! I don’t think I’ve even read two of these magazines and one of the books is definitely yet to be started, perhaps I need to invest in a good bedside table so I can store things properly.

OOTD – Owls

Today’s outfit is more of an excuse to show off a particular jumper.



I love this jumper, it’s super duper soft and warm, it’s got cute little owls all around the yolk and it fits perfectly.  This is a jumper I made myself, it’s possibly my most successful knitting project so far.

Becasue it’s so warm it can only come out in winter and today I wore it with my new cape and a scarf which kept me perfectly warm.


I kept my makeup natural, I went with my Too Faced Cocoa powder foundation in the shade Golden Light, a few colours from my Naked palette and my new BOURJOIS matte finish lip in the colour Nude-ist.

Christmas Jumpers

It’s that time of year!

With so many options for Christmas jumpers I thought I’d have a look at a few online and let you know how I feel about them.  Some wonderful and some not so wonderful…

Please use #elfieselfie to show me any pictures you have with the Elfie Selfie jumper!

The Simple Things

If your looking for a new magazine that you might actually read every page of then I can highly recommend The Simple Things.

I’ve been getting this magazine for a few months and every month I love taking a few minutes  here and there to sit with a cup of tea and read a few pages.

Their tag line ‘Taking time to live well’ is a good hint at the theme of the articles and features, all of which are very interesting and relaxing to read. My favourite regular interview feature is ‘My Day In Cups Of Tea’

Along with plenty of ideas for things to do this Christmas, this issue contains lots of winter recipes, all of which look very tasty.  This is by far my favourite magazine at the moment.

 I should mention that I’m not being paid for this post.  🙂

Making it Festive

Decorating the tree has to be done at just the right time, if I do it too early then I lose my festive feeling and the wait until christmas day seems to go on forever, if I do it too late then I rush it and I’m disappointed with the result. I’d say the only disadvantage to getting a real tree is that you need to get it early in the season – to ensure you get a good one. This means running the risk of early decorating, but if you don’t decorate then it looks sad.


Yesterday was tree decorating day for us, maybe a little earlier than normal (Andrew would have us wait until christmas eve if he got his way)! I wanted to record the decorating so it needed to be done in good light which meant picking a day I was off work, yesterday seemed like a good day!  I’m pleased with our little tree, you can watch me decorate it over on my YouTube channel or down below.

A Rest Day

The past few weeks have been very productive for me, and I’ve been enjoying being busy with work and at home. Sometimes though it’s nice to have a day to sit back and relax a bit.  Today was that day for me.  I’d planned to do quite a lot but after a very relaxed morning watching YouTube and decorating the christmas tree, I just wanted to continue being restful.

I did my first ever Pilates class which I enjoyed and followed it up with 10 minutes swimming and a good hour in the jacuzzi at the gym.

I still have some tasks to get done so I needed to rework my schedule in the afternoon and as long as I use my days well I should get everything done, it’ll be easier after a recharge.

I’ve got a few days of advent calender to show you too!  I’m really loving getting a little beauty item everyday, the size of the products is perfect to try out new things and for those products I already love they are perfect for traveling.

This toner is really nice. Sometimes I find toners to be very drying – I guess I’ve only used ones with alcohol but this one is ‘sans alcool’ and it on its own made my face feel fresh and moist, adding my regular Olay daily moisurising cream has left my skin super moist! (…in a good way).