Out with the Old, In with Bamboo! – Bamboo Toothbrush Review.

During my recent trip to our new local zero waste shop I got myself and Aidan new toothbrushes.  His is a Environmental Toothbrush (ET) and mine is a Truthbrush.

I’ve used an ET before and was pleasantly surprised. I got one in a monthly subscription box and, honestly, at first it scared me – all I could think about was how unpleasant a splinter in my mouth would be.  Obviously they are designed and finished so that splinters are not going to be an issue.

The Truthbrush is very pretty and I’ll admit I was totally seduced by that prettiness when I was picking them.  I was quiet happy to pay an extra £1 for a pretty brush.  I have found it to be a slightly more comfortable shape and even though the ET is very well finished, I have experienced some slightly rough patches. The Truthbrush however, is a smooth as a baby’s bottom!


Aidan also seems to be perfectly happy with his new toothbrush, this kid loves having his teeth brushed!



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