Current Favourites


It’s finally spring!  I feel like I’ve been blowing off the cobwebs of winter and can fianlly embrace colour and sun. I wanted to share a few of my favourite early spring joys.


Bullet journaling has become a bit of an obsession of mine,  I love organising and re organising myself and the bullet journal really gives me the flexibility I want, whilst also provides me with a creative outlet.  I find I’m getting a lot more done because all my to-do lists and planning is in one place and is easy to navigate.

I’ve been getting real phone envy recently, there is nothing wrong with my iPhone 5  but it felt old and boring.  I found a really nice case in papercase and it’s brought life back to my phone.  I also had a clear out of apps that I wasn’t using and transferred some old photos and it feels like a new phone!  Well nearly…

Possibly my most favourite favourite is my new sunglasses from Fatface,  they are beautiful!

Also want to give a quick nod to my current shampoo and conditioner, I think I’ve found a brand I really love.  Also to my favourite pair of socks, they are super soft and comfy plus, they have cute little coloured triangles on them!

Bullet Journal  |  Phone cases  |  Socks  |  OGX  |  Sunglasses

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