A Day Like Today

On a day like this when I have no work commitments and shops are closed, I feel free.  It doesn’t matter if I lie in all morning, what am I going to do anyway?  I’ve gained an extra weekend day, I still get two days off work to do all my weekend tasks.  To me, today doesn’t count as a real day.  There is no expectation of productivity.

We did get up earlyish and clean the kitchen but we hadn’t planned to do that, it just happened.  We have walked, made coffee and sat still for extended periods of time with nothing more important to do than be together and recharge.

I left us is the rather unfortunate position of not knowing what we would eat today.  It’s left me feeling quite excited.  We have food in but it’s not what we would have chosen to eat if we’d planned ahead, but now we get to use stuff up and lighten the cupboards.

I like to use days like today to dream about the future, I come up with ideas, plan my imaginary cafe come bookshop and redesign the house.  Plans made on days like today, stay on days like today.  Unless they’re really good.

There should be no guilt on bank holidays, they don’t count! We all need a few days a year with no stress, no commitments and the chance to dream.

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