Mince Pie Review

Hubby and I are fond of a mince pie and a cup of tea. We bought a few mince pies and have put together this review.

In no particular order:

9 Mini Mince Pies from M&S 

We knew we were in for something small, but these were a little smaller that we expected, as such they have very little filling although what there was of it was very nice.  They claimed to be all butter but again we found them to be rather un-buttery.  We also had to ask ourselves why anyone would buy a mini mince pie, I don’t ever find myself thinking that regular mince pies are too big and if I just wanted to satisfy a mince pie craving, this wouldn’t be big enough.

We give these mince pies, 2.5 our of 5 baubles

6 Puff Paistry Mince Pies from M&S

I was very excited to give these a try, I was looking forward to light and flaky pastry with a center of yummy, oozing mincemeat.  These look like the kind of food they have in the M&S adverts, a real luxury treat.  Sadly the pastry was dry and chewy, it had a hint of staleness to it, the bottom was hard and the filling was very sparse, it was more like a thin layer of mince meat spread.  These were also not very buttery, despite being advertised as all butter.

We gave these, 1.5 out of 5 baubles

6 Mince Pies from Tesco

These come from the range that seems to fall between Finest and Value.  These don’t claim to be anything fancy and they don’t shout elegance, but the pastry is just the right amount of crumbly, and the pie is actually full to the top.  There is a light sprinkling of sugar on top.  The filling itself is very nice, with juicy fruity bits and not too much peel (I hate the peel).

These get 4 out of 5 baubles

6 Mince Pies from Lidl

These were very disappointing, I was prepared to be blown away and surprised by how wonderful they were but I wasn’t. The pastry was bland, the filling was meh.

1 our of 5 baubles


So you pay about the same from one Starbucks pie as you do for 12 tesco mince pies, but it’s so worth it.  The are at least twice the size and are filled to the brim with delicious mince meat. The pastry is beautifully buttery and holds together well.

These we gave 5 out of 5 baubles

But of course nothing can beat my dad’s mince pies, sadly we’ve not had any this year… (hint)  But maybe we’ll see some this week.

It was hard work to try all these mince pies but we got through it and I hope we can save you the struggle!

Where do you get your mince pies from?  What are we missing!

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