Star Wars (spoiler free)

Very early in the morning, in a cinema in Norwich…

It’s been a dark time for The Franchice. Although the prequels were terrible, another attempt has been made to restore The Franchice to its former glory. Hoping to evade the dreaded CGI overload, a young couple shuffle to their seats in the arthouse Cinema City.

I feel that this film has been so well guarded that a lot of what I could say could be considered a spoiler, so I’m going to say very little.  Some of my friends don’t even want to know if I enjoyed it! I heard one review say it was the best Star Wars ever and another say that the main antagonist was better than Darth Vader, neither are true.  The original films were great by accident, which somehow makes them greater. This film was great on purpose.  Nothing can beat the originals and sadly no baddie in a star wars film can beat Darth Vader. I felt the antagonist was a little one dimensional and that there were times where character traits seemed to forced onto them to try and add depth.

However, it was everything I wanted it to be.  There were moments that got genuine gasps.  The storyline fit well into what we already have without feeling like it was being forced.  And the old cast gave way graciously to the new, more or less…

We saw the film at 1201 this morning and the only thing that would have improved my enjoyment would have been seeing it at a normal hour, I was exhausted and the comfy seats at Cinema City called me to sleep.  I will be seeing it again soon I’m sure and maybe I’ll do a full review with spoilers when people have had a chance to see it.

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