A Winter Evening

I’d planned to put together a post showing you my winter evening routine, but if I’m honest my routine every evening, pretty much, is to get home from work, get my PJs on and watch DVDs until I fall asleep. But every now and then I treat myself to a little bit of luxury and in the new year I want to make the effort to pamper myself a little more when I get in from work.

So here we go, when I do pamper myself this is my routine!

In a moment of madness last month I joined a gym and as I’m sure many of you are aware, gym membership is expensive! So I really need to go… I like to go to some of the evening classes, I think on this particular evening I went to a pilates class.

When I’m back I run myself a bath, I tend not to use bath bombs or oil because I have quite sensitive skin, I like to read a magazine or a book.


I’ll put on a deep cleansing face mask and because I spend all day on my feet at work I like to treat my feet with a foot mask too, these are my two favourites at the moment.


What are some of your favourite pamper products?

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