Tea Collection

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I’m a BIG fan of tea.  It’s the first thing I drink in the morning and we often have a cup of decaf before we go to bed.

What better way to enjoy your favourite drink than with your favourite mug!  I’ve got different mugs depending on which tea I fancy or what time of day it is.  For example I’ve got a tin mug with owls on that I only ever use for herbal teas that I’m taking to bed.  My ‘EH?’ mug only ever has standard Yorkshire Tea with soya.  My fox mug however has found special favour and gets used at all hours and for all hot drinks, even coffee.


At the moment I’m particularly enjoying mint teas.  Especially the Buttermint tea from Twinnings.  I’ve never taken to fruit teas and I’ve only just started to enjoy green tea.

I love to run myself a hot bath and just soak away any stresses with a cup of mint green tea.

Tweet me pictures of your favourite mug & tea combinations! If you want to see more of my tea drinking habbits then you can follow me on snapchat too! (beccymundy)

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