OOTD 24th November

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Sneeky Peeky Fox Socks.

I feel like I’m really starting to develop a style that I feel comfortable and confident in.  I’m building a versatile wardrobe of things I really love to wear.  I spend 5 out of 7 days wearing a uniform so I only get two days a week to wear an outfit that I want to wear.

I’m looking for layers to keep me warm and I don’t want anything that fits too tightly, I feel like my body regulates its temprature better in looser fitting clothes but they can still be kept feminine with a stylish tuck.



Boots – H&M   Jeans – Next (similar)  Belt – Esprit (similar)

Shirt – Zara   Cardigan – H&M   Parka – Asos (similar)

Socks – M&S

Gotta Stay Snug!

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