Sometimes I run

Sometimes I run.  I try to avoid situations where I’m running away from things, but I enjoy heading out to a park or trail and running about a bit.

Early in July I fell whilst wearing some (really lovely) wedge shoes and sprained my ankle.  I had to rest it for at least 6 weeks and I thought, to be on the safe side, I’d refrain from running for as long as possible.  Today I decided that I couldn’t put it off didn’t need to wait any longer and out I went.  To be honest I actually quite enjoy running, not only the lack of guilt that it brings when eating copious amounts of chocolate after I come home. I enjoy being out, I enjoy seeing others walking their dogs or strolling in the sun. Also, if I’m honest, I feel a little more prepared for the zombie apocalypse.

One of things on my bucket list is to run a half marathon so I’m, very gently, training myself up for one.  I don’t have one in mind, but I think maybe next summer or autumn I could find one, and give it a go.

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