Washi Tape

IMG_1685I’m a big lover of stationery, I get a little bit of teasing that I own a filofax.  People assume that becasue I have my beautiful Saffiano (in aquamarine) that I’m organised. This always makes me laugh.

It was only fairly recently that I discovered the joy that is washi tape and it took me quite some time to realise that washi tape and paper tape are pretty much if not exactly the same thing.  What do you do with it? Whatever you want my friend. It is a wonderful and versatile thing.

These are my favorites, don’t tell the others.

I popped into IKEA on Thursday, and as I was walking past the stationary I noticed washi tape…

I threw my money at a member of staff and now I have lots of beautiful new washi tape rolls, and really the point of this post is to show them off to you.


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